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Alphabull is India's leading Oil Manufacturing Company located in Surat, Gujarat. We develop and distribute Automotive Lubricants adding advanced additives for ultra-power performance. Our goal is to make our products available to everyone in the country. As prominent lubricant companies in India, We have been investing in and focusing on producing high-performance specialty lubricants and chemicals since our company's founding in 2015 in response to the rising demand for ecologically friendly products. Our lubricant range includes engine oil for bikes and cars, agricultural vehicles, commercial vehicles, and automobiles. We also produce automotive gear oils, Brake oil, radiant coolants, CNG oil, Engine Oil, Fork oil, Gear oil, and hydraulic oils.

At Alphabull, quality is always the key focus. We continue to innovate to provide high-performance products synchronized with technology and market needs, making us stand out parallel to the Top 10 oil manufacturers in India. All our product ranges to fulfill the environmental protection standards of Euro 4, Euro 5, and Euro 6. All our latest engine oil developed in the R&D center exceeds the JASO FC, API SM, and API CI-4 Plus standard level in India. Our R&D center is situated in Surat, Gujarat. We are proud that our engine oil distributors across India have no complaints about product quality. With a leadership position supported by a tremendous force of its people, we operate in the major sectors that propel economically and economically sustainable growth. The group is also very motivated to improve these industries, assuring that there will be a predictable level of growth and advancement throughout time.

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Right Values

We promise to offer the highest standard products that deliver desirable effectiveness to your application.

Assured Quality

All our products undergo rigid quality tests before delivery. Alphabull range meets all lubricant quality standards in India.

Continual revolution

We strive to revolutionize lubricant technology to meet the ever-evolving automotive sectors.

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Distributorship all-over India

Grow your business as an industrial lubricant supplier, dealer, and wholesale automotive oil supplier of engine oil, lubricant, lube, grease, lubricant gel, lubricant oil, industrial lubricants, engine lubricants, liquid lubricants, synthetic oil, car engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, lube oil, bike engine oil, Mobil engine oil, synthetic engine oil, 5w40 engine oil, 10w30 engine oil, 15w40 engine oil, 20w50 engine oil, 20w40 engine oil, etc., in India. The company has recorded one of the quickest market growths among the major automotive oil manufacturers because of the strategy made by industrial lubricants manufacturers to expand our brand and reach and create products with unique value propositions.

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